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When people are asked about trails in Tri-Cities, usually they can only come up with one: Badger Mountain. Don't get me wrong, Badger Mountain is a wonderful, well-preserved hiking area that displays all the beauty of the Tri-Cities--but there are so many other trails in the area and a lot of people have no idea. So, with this blog, I plan to help people see that our area has so much to offer in the way of places to go for a run or go for a walk, and I hope to encourage people to get out and get moving and explore new frontiers in the area we all call home. Look to the right under my Trail List to see the entire list!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Duportail Trail

Duportail Trail
Duportail Trail runs along the Yakima River in Richland, and goes from Duportail Street to the Chamna Natural Preserve. It's a beautiful area to walk or run, with a view of the river the entire way. Here is a view I captured from this trail:
Sunset on the Yakima River

Location: I always start at the Chamna Natural Preserve, because in order to park at the parking lot at the end of Duportail St, you need a Discover Pass. If you're interested in getting one, visit Anyway, to get to Chamna, you get on Washington 240 towards Richland, and that turns into George Washington Way. At the first stoplight, you turn left onto Aaron Drive. Or, if you're coming south on G-Way from downtown Richland, you will take a right onto Aaron Drive. Once you're on Aaron, you continue and take a left onto Jadwin Ave, and from there you take a right onto Carrier Rd. Stay on that road and you'll hit the Chamna Natural Preserve! You can also click the location link at the bottom of this post to pull it up on Google Maps. 
If you do have a Discover Pass, however, you can get to the Duportail parking lot by hopping onto the By Pass highway toward Vantage, taking a right onto Duportail St and the gravel parking lot will be at the very end. 
Duportail Parking Lot

Parking: Duportail St Parking Lot, or Chamna Natural Preserve.
Pet Friendly?: Yep!
Maintenance: Tapteal Greenway, City of Richland
Distance: 1.2 miles
Level of Difficulty: Easy

 The Trail

So if you start at Chamna, and are facing the river, all of the Chamna trails will be to your left. (I am doing a separate post for these). In order to get onto Duportail Trail, you want to get on the trail going right. It will go under the I-182 overpass. 
You will see this sign and you're going to want to go on the trail behind it, going right.

This is a fun one, grab a friend and go check it out! 

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