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When people are asked about trails in Tri-Cities, usually they can only come up with one: Badger Mountain. Don't get me wrong, Badger Mountain is a wonderful, well-preserved hiking area that displays all the beauty of the Tri-Cities--but there are so many other trails in the area and a lot of people have no idea. So, with this blog, I plan to help people see that our area has so much to offer in the way of places to go for a run or go for a walk, and I hope to encourage people to get out and get moving and explore new frontiers in the area we all call home. Look to the right under my Trail List to see the entire list!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Riverfront Trail

Map of Riverfront Trail
One of my absolute favorite trails in the Tri-Cities is the Riverfront Trail along the Columbia River in Richland. The river is so beautiful, especially during the warmer months, and it provides a nice cool breeze! The trail is entirely paved, so if you are more of a dirt-runner, this may not be your favorite! I have spent many summer mornings running here, and let me tell you; it's a good one.

Location: The trail begins at Columbia Point Marina Park in Richland and ends at the USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park, also in Richland. Columbia Point is located right next to Anthony's, and to get there, you turn onto Columbia Point Drive off of George Washington Way, and you drive all the way down, and then you'll hit the park. The USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park is about 7 and a half miles north, and (heading North on G-Way) you turn right onto 11th street and wa-la, there it is! The address, however is on Port of Benton Blvd. BUT you can hop on the trail anywhere, because it goes through Leslie Groves Park, and Howard Amon Park as well. If you look on Google Maps, the trail is labeled and marked the entire way. 
Pet friendly? Yes! But make sure to keep your pets leashed!
Parking: All along the trail.
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 7.3 Miles
Maintenance: The City of Richland
Another awesome thing is that, starting from Columbia Point, the pavement is marked with your mileage! Here's an example:

Grab your running shoes and a running buddy and give this trail a try this week!

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  1. I hike Riverfront trail and Badger Mountain regularly Jori, thank you for taking the time to blog about these local trails. I intend to hike each and every one of them.