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When people are asked about trails in Tri-Cities, usually they can only come up with one: Badger Mountain. Don't get me wrong, Badger Mountain is a wonderful, well-preserved hiking area that displays all the beauty of the Tri-Cities--but there are so many other trails in the area and a lot of people have no idea. So, with this blog, I plan to help people see that our area has so much to offer in the way of places to go for a run or go for a walk, and I hope to encourage people to get out and get moving and explore new frontiers in the area we all call home. Look to the right under my Trail List to see the entire list!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Spirit of America Trail! ~ Zintel Canyon

Zintel Canyon is another one of my absolute favorite places to run, but I will probably say that about a lot of trails! The Spirit of America Trail winds through Zintel Canyon in Kennewick, Washington, and connects with a footpath to make a lovely two and a half mile loop. The terrain is a mix of pavement, dirt, bark and gravel. All through the canyon, you are surrounded by trees and they are absolutely beautiful in the summer and fall. There is a little creek that runs through, with benches along it in some spots, and there are a lot of birds and small animals. If you don't see them, you will be able to hear them! 
Map of Zintel Canyon (Blue=Spirit of America Trail, Red=Footpath)

Location: There are two entrances: one is is on the corner of Vancouver and 7th (where the green marker is in the picture above) and the other is on Ely Street (at the bottom of the loop in the picture), and that is right next to Waste Management. If you look on Google Maps, which you can do by clicking the location at the bottom of this post, it will even have Zintel Canyon and the Spirit of America trail labeled. 
Spirit of America Trail entrance on Ely Street

Entrance to trail is across the bridge at this park! (Corner of Vancouver and 7th)

Pet Friendly?: Yes! Just remember to be courteous please!
Parking: There is a parking lot at a small playground pictured above at the corner of Vancouver and 7th and there is another parking lot off of Ely Street in Kennewick next to Waste Management.
Level of Difficulty: Easy-Medium
The footpath goes up and down a lot, but the Spirit of America trail is relatively flat.
Distance: 2.5 mile loop
The Spirit of America Trail is 1.25 miles (blue trail on the map), and the Foot Path is also 1.25 miles (red trail on the map). As you can see on the map, the footpath crosses over to Spirit of America for about 0.2 miles. 
Stools along the creek~SPIRIT OF AMERICA TRAIL



Doesn't it look beautiful? These pictures are even during the winter--it's even more incredible in the summer and fall. It's not smart to go through the canyon alone, so please grab a walking/running buddy and go try it out!

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